Friday, December 24, 2010

Pieces of Christmas #12: Welcome to Our World

This is another Christmas song that is making it's way to my "favorites" list.  It is not a Christmas carol or a Christmas hymn. It is more like a Christmas prayer...a conversation with our Savior.

2000 years ago, there wasn't much fanfare at the birth of Jesus.  Oh, to be sure, there were angels that made a proclamation to shepherds and later there were wise men that travelled a great distance to bring gifts, but there was also the evil king that wanted this young child killed and was willing to kill all of the young boys in the area to make sure that he was killed.  Not what you would call a great welcome for the child that would become our Savior!

Today our need for a Savior is as great as it ever was.  I think of this song as a long overdue welcome to our Savior...and maybe a bit of an apology that we didn't make it right the first time.

Here in the Midwest, it is just a few hours into Christmas Eve. A light freezing rain is starting to fall and it should turn to sleet and maybe snow later in the day. I've enjoyed posting these Pieces of own twelve days of Christmas' posts.  I hope that you have enjoyed reading them and watching the associated videos.

Merry Christmas


Amanda said...

Merry Christmas John!

Mike said...

Peace on earth.