Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pieces of Christmas #7: Sunday Morning Sermon

I imagine that there are few people that think about Christmas as they read through the second chapter of Paul's letter to the Philippians--especially through these verses.

For me, this is the very essence of Christmas.  So often we find ourselves contemplating His great love for us through His suffering on the cross.  We relate to the pain and suffering of the Man Jesus much easier than we relate to the love of God.  We point to the suffering and the sacrifice on the cross and think of how much He loved us. Rarely do we think of the sacrifice at the cradle (or manger, if you prefer).

Christmas is a joyful time for mankind--and it should be.  But I think that this is the place where the real sacrifice takes place.  Here is a post from last Christmas that will serve as the basis for my Christmas sermon at church Sunday.  I realize that it is not your typical happy, joyous kind of Christmas message...unless, of course, you remember that the sacrifice was made for you!

Merry Christmas,

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