Monday, December 13, 2010

Pieces of Christmas #2

I found this song last year and posted it just prior to Christmas.

I've always like Jackson Browne and can identify with this song. Sometimes I feel far removed from the religiousness of the Christian culture.  I've been called self-righteous. I been called anti-Christian.  I've been told that you can't have certain political views and be a Christian.

Perhaps a heathen and a pagan describes me better than I care to admit...but I am still on the side of Jesus.


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Claudia said...

Outstanding! Compared to the holiest, humblest servants of God in Christ (by this I mean those who live so simply as to simply live and help others to live), most of the rest of us-- whether we profess Christ or not--are doing the minimal amount to be the kind of rebel in a counter-cultural way that Jesus was. Jackson Browne recognizes that he and probably many other people can identify themselves more truthfully as pagans and heathens than as being like Jesus. But in writing, performing and recording this song for the purpose of sharing it with others, Jackson Browne reveals a reverence for who Jesus is and what Jesus has done for all of humankind, pagans and heathens included. What a blessing that you shared it! As for those who have labeled you derogatorily, I just say, "Cheer up! You're in good company! Jesus predicted it! And you have kindred spirits such as myself who have been treated accordingly, yet after years and years in professional ministry, we're still standing! So are you, my friend! Praise the Lord!" Thanks for putting the song out there. I!had never heard it before.