Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Night Refections

From my Sunday afternoon Facebook notes:

When Heaven Comes Down


It is hard to find the words to describe the atmosphere at Hopedale Baptist Church these days. Sunday after Sunday God's presence is felt by all and manifests Itself in the way of new believers giving testimony that they are trusting in Jesus as Savior and Lord! Today was another day of celebration at Hopedale as a visiting family of five all came to ask Jesus to be Savior!

Rich and the choir did an excellent job of setting the tempo and mood. The music service was full of praise, worship and anticipation of the Power and Presence of the Spirit of God. Our state evangelism director, Gary Taylor was our guest speaker this morning and brought a powerful message from the Book of Exodus and gave a great invitation.

One young girl that had been saved earlier, came to be baptized. Another young boy came reaffirming his belief in Jesus as Savior. And one visiting family came--father, mother and three sons--all to trust Jesus as Savior. Over a dozen souls have made first time professions of faith at Hopedale this month! We had a number of visitors today and Sunday School has started growing again. Our Men's class has grown to the point that we have had to take the tables out of our room and just put the chairs in a circle around the room. Soon we'll have to have them in rows to have room for all of us.

To God be the glory for the excitement and growth at Hopedale. Where programs have failed, sharing the love of God and His great plan of salvation continues to be the way that draws people to the Cross!


In addition to those notes:

Sunday evening was just as special. My friend and fellow evangelist Don Walton was our guest speaker. He is one of the evangelists that I've invited to our Associational Conference in March. I always enjoy getting to see Don and listening to him preach. As a special treat, he brought his wife Lauren with him. I'll be blessed to spend time with Don and all of the other evangelists and many of my pastor friends over the next couple of days.

God is soooo good!


For Claudia:

<-Hannah with Miss Priss

Hannah on Midnight->


Claudia said...

Hannah must be one happy cowgirl! She and the horses are beautiful!

fiona said...

I did not know you had horses!
Or did I forget?
Anyway beautiful Hannah is lookin good as are the equines :-)

Mike said...

I kept waiting for all the 'nicer' people to come and make a comment before I asked about your horse. You know, the one big enough to carry you?

wv - usillio (yes I am)

John said...

The first time I got on him (expecting him to buck a bit), he didn't even move. I got the feeling he was thinking that if he didn't move the fat guy might just get off!

TC said...

Interesting stuff here, John. I just happened to click your name off a post you made on themainbang. It's good to see another atc'er who's working for the Lord and preaching the Word! Best of luck.