Saturday, January 03, 2009

An End to the Holidays

It would seem that this weekend somehow marks the end to the holiday season. The weather in the Ozarks has been mild and I saw Christmas decorations being taken down yesterday and expect more to come down today. Monday will find Hannah back in school and I'll be back at work after taking this past week off.

The nice weather has allowed me to get a good start on increasing my activity level by offering no excuses for a nice brisk walk. I have had my oatmeal for breakfast everyday and I also fixed a nice dinner of shrimp fried rice last night instead of opting for dinner out--cheaper and healthier, too. I spent some time on Jan. 1 on the weight machine, have found an online Bible reading program (already finished today's) and am continuing reading in Tarbell's Course in Magic.

Oh boy, three days into the year and I have managed to keep all of my resolutions!

I have updated my web site calendar as well as the "coming events" section in the right column. It is a good start for bookings in '09. The winter evangelism conferences usually generate a few bookings as well. It should be enough to keep a working guy busy.

I have filled out the enrollment application to begin working towards the Bachelor in Biblical Studies Degree but haven't sent it in yet. With a bit of persistence and work, I may be able to get my Bachelor's Degree before my son gets his! Aaron will be starting at Moody Bible Institute on the 12th. In a show of support to his calling to pastoral ministry, Pastor Terry is having Aaron preach at church on Sunday (1/4) evening. It will be his first sermon. Aaron hasn't asked for any help in preparation or said what he will be preaching on...only that his text will be from John 16. I guess I'll have to wait and find out along with everybody else!

I'm working on my next favorite Bible stories post and should have that for you sometime soon. If nothing else, the new year offers us a chance to start over and get back on track. I hope that all of you are doing well and getting re-focused or staying on course.



Amanda said...

It sure sounds like your year is off to a great start!

You must be so proud of your son and excited to be part of the congregation on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

That is very cool that your preacher asked Aaron to give the sermon before he leaves for school. With so much support, he is bound to succeed.

I imagine a lot of his free time will be spent on the Southside of town, but if he ever needs a break, we're just a phone call away. He might be my incentive to actually pick up a few Sox tickets this year.


Mike said...

"get my Bachelor's Degree"

I think about finishing mine every once in awhile. But it's a fleeting thought.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the online bible link. I just registered and plan to use it along with some Chuck Smith CD's Tammy purchased last year. She's got them uploaded to her iPod. He gives a very in depth analysis as he takes you through the entire bible. It's lengthy though so this will likely be a two year plan.

We began using 'The Bible for Life' courses 7 years ago and have stayed with it. Each year I gain more insight although I still struggle with the Old Testament in places. There is a larger picture at work which is not so easy to understand at times, at least for me.

I remember last year at this time I thought I'd do something different rather than the bible but by February I was really missing my daily readings. I did some catch up work and decided then that I'd always make it a part of my daily reading.

The online program will be nice to use on my breaks at work. Thanks.

ssgreylord said...

you sound content and i am happy for you. may 2009 bring many more of these positive days...

fiona said...

I'm still trying to choose my many faults to try and correct.

Sicilian said...

Your Daddy pride is beaming. . . . I sent my 2nd born to her dad's today. . . the next time she sets foot in the house she will be an RN. . .
Do you plan to change careers when you get your bachelor degree?
Enjoy your son tomorrow!

Claudia said...

Happy Epiphany! What a great day for Aaron's first sermon! God will help you all cherish the occasion, no matter how shy, nervous or whatever Aaron might feel. But if Aaron's anything like you, he will stand and deliver with quiet joy and humility.


You are doing great!! Sounds like you are on your way to a healthy and productive 2009!

Gary said...

Fran and I are deeply sorry that we missed hearing Aaron preach at Hopedale! Had we known he was preaching, we would most definetly have been there!!! Give him our best! Gary and Fran

Mike said...


Apparently an end to Johns' blogging also.

I know I know!!!! Your busy.

Just upping your comment count for you.