Saturday, January 10, 2009

Slacker Blogger

So as I sign on today to catch up on blogging, I get MIKE'S obnoxious blogger harassing comment.

Yes I have been busy.

Sunday night was Aaron's first sermon. He preached the Sunday night message at Hopedale and did a great job. There were lots of friends that came to hear him as well as a good turnout from our church family. Rather than read a proud dad's rants about his message, here are what a couple of others had to say: here and here.

On Wednesday we (Chris, Aaron and I) headed to Chicago to take Aaron to the Moody Bible Institute to begin this semester. I think that Aaron will adapt well to life at Moody. Unfortunately, Aaron will only be able to transfer 11 of the 45+ credit hours that he earned at Columbia College towards his degree in Pastoral Ministries. He basically is a second semester freshman rather than a second semester sophomore. C'est la vie. Registration and orientation was Thursday and Friday. I came back yesterday, Chris is driving back today with Aaron's girlfriend's mom.

Anyways, it has been a very busy week. I've been keeping up with reading other blogs but haven't really found the time to write. I realize that this isn't more than a simple filler post but that's all for today. I'm sure I'll be back into the blogging mode in the next couple of days.



Sicilian said...

Missed your writings!


That is so wonderful about your son! You must be very proud and he sounds like a wonderful person. Also, sorry for the harrassing comment you received. I received a horrible comment once and it still bothers me. I get so many nice ones and that horrible one still sticks with me which is ridiculous I know. Good luck to your son at college!

Mike said...

"only transfer 11 of the 45+ credit hours"

Bummer! That's a big hit on the pocketbook.

John said...

Not to worry, Heidi. It's just Mike being Mike. If he didn't give me a hard time, I'd think he quit caring!

fiona said...

John - sheesh I'm proud for you!
Good to have you back darlin!