Monday, December 01, 2008

Can You Believe It!

It's December already!

Here in the Ozarks, we've welcomed December with a dusting of snow and some cold temperatures. (It's supposed to be back to 60F by Wednesday) Where has 2008 gone?

December 1st means that it's only 24 days to Christmas, 30 days to 2009, 50 days 'til Bush is out of the White House, 126 days 'til the Cardinals open the 2009 season at Busch Stadium, and 3 years, 1 month, 6 days until I'm eligible to retire!

Aaron was in Chicago last week and was able to check out the Moody campus and meet with the volley ball coach. Looks like he may be playing on the team when he gets to school in January. The kid is really growing up into a fine young man. I don't think that his mom is going to like it that he is going to be so much farther away from home. Such is life!

Hannah is also growing up way too fast. I enjoyed her company on the drive back from Chillicothe, IL Saturday. She'd like to be a writer but doesn't know how she might support herself while waiting on book sales to start rolling in. Hannah is very creative and I'm positive that she can make it as a writer if she sets her heart and mind to it. She is looking at colleges that are far away from home (no big surprise there). ACT in the spring. Scholarships are the name of the game!

Have a great December!



prasad said...

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I would like to greet "Mrerry Cristmas" in advance. I too have many cristian friends here we too celebrate festival here .
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Mike said...

"December 1st means"

I KNEW what was going to be at the end of that paragraph! I still say you need a widget count down clock here.

Sicilian said...

They grow so quickly. . . scholarships and loans were the name of the game for my children. . . and both my girls were far away from home for college.
I survived and they blossomed.
Glad your holidays were blessed. . . it sure got cold here awful quick. Of course I am complainig about wind and tall 40's .

John said...

The blogger countdown widget has some problems, I haven't looked for others because the countdown clock in my head works just fine!

Bilbo said...

December already. AARRGGHH!! The Christmas cards aren't mailed! The gifts aren't bought! The Chex Party Mix isn't made! The baseball bat studded with nails to chase Santa away hasn't been prepared! There's too much to do...why am I typing this??

Nux V said...

u r counting each of those important events...superb!
December is one of my fav month. Enjoy ur december too!