Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping

In about 30 minutes the date will turn to December 20th, giving me just 5 shopping days until Christmas. I'm thinking that I should start seriously considering what I'm going to get Chris for Christmas.

Before anybody thinks that the master procrastinator is thinking of running out on the Saturday before Christmas to brave the crowds and beat the last minute rush, I only said that it was time to consider what to buy. I still have 5 days. Actually, 4 days...between work on Wednesday and Christmas Eve stuff at church, I probably shouldn't count that day.

I guess I'll be ahead of the last minute shoppers after all!


Aaron is home...and as expected is out with the girl tonight. We'll manage to see him for a few moments each afternoon when he gets out of bed and figures out what he and Jenny are going to do for the rest of the day. He'll tell us if Jenny will be over for dinner or if he'll be eating at her house or if they have other plans (or whatever Jenny tells him they're going to do). Ain't young love grand?!

I think that Aaron may still have some shopping to do. I'm glad that he is following the example set by his dad.

Oh well, I guess I'll get a jump on Saturday and start considering while it is still Friday! I'm so proud of myself...getting an early start on Christmas shopping this year!



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Mike said...

Don't panic. Lots of time left. Come up and we'll talk about it over a TD's.

Sicilian said...

I have my 20 year old almost home, and even though there is no boyfriend the calendar of events is much the same. . . sleep most of the day. . . eat. . . watch movies. . . text. . . eat and then sleep all day again. . . College life only goes for 6 more months and then that college lifestyle ends. . .
You had better get to the malls in your area fast because in OK City there is no recession and we could not even park at the mall. . . . oh and this was Friday during the day.

Sherer said...

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