Sunday, December 28, 2008


Well Blogger is telling me that this is post #300. Sometime this past week the hit counter went over 15,000 since it began counting in August of '07. Cluster maps says that since August of '08 I've been getting regular to irregular (10 or more) hits from 25 countries. Legit shows an average of about 75 hits per day. I know that it isn't much when compared to some of the blogs that I read, but it is far more than I ever expected when I began blogging two and a half years ago.

I have a great appreciation for bloggers like Bilbo and Mike that find something to post about on a daily basis. If I manage three per week that have anything to say, I feel like I'm doing well.

I would have liked to post a really super entry for #300, but I haven't really tried to organize my thoughts for this post as 2008 winds down and we get set for a new year. I've been looking back a bit at the past 12 months and trying to figure out a way to do the next 12 a little bit better.

Here are a few observations and plans:

I'm going to end '08 at about the same weight that I started it--that's not a good thing. I managed to lose about 16 pounds in the first four months of the year but have gained it all back plus a few bonus pounds that I've managed to shed prior to '09 showing up. I am starting to eat a little bit better and am starting to be a bit more active (again). The plan is to eat at home more often (which means eating out less). This will help to control portion size as well as what we're eating. I realize that this also means that I'll have to do more cooking but I am counting on some of the great recipes that fellow bloggers like Sicilian and health nut, Heidi post. Bilbo is also good for an occasional recipe. I am contemplating a garden, maybe just a small know, tomatoes, peppers (hot), cucumbers and maybe some string beans. I'll have to see about that--I know that it's way more work than I would do by myself. I'll have to see if Chris is up for it.

I've noticed that some of my posts and/or comments on various blogs have not always been what you might expect of a preacher. That needs to change. If any of you readers or writers have been offended by a post or comment, please accept my apologies. I doubt that 2009 will find me without controversy and I know that my readers will not always agree with me. But I sincerely hope that we can have our disagreements without hurting one another.

In ministry, I am going to work towards my Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree. I am also going to be better about planned time and purpose for reading the Bible. The Bible is a great read. For anybody that has never read the Bible, but enjoys reading, give it try. There are stories of kings and adventurers from far away places. There are stories of wars and betrayals. There are love stories and stories from history. There are stories of success and stories of failure and reconciliation. And there is of course, the Greatest Story Ever Told...the story of a God that loves you so much that He would die so that you might live! I will continue to share some of my favorite stories from the Bible from time to time in the coming year.

I am also going to devote more time to magic. I am currently reading through the Tarbell Course in Magic. I have owned the eight volume set for some time and have used it as a reference. I recently decided to read it through from volume 1 and use it as a course in magic. I am also wanting to redo my show for the coming year. I have an idea of what I would like to do with it but am not yet ready to put the time into the new effects and production.

I seriously doubt that I'll have the time to take any musical instrument lessons. I would like to...there just isn't enough time to do it well.

I do enjoy blogging and reading the blogs that I follow. I don't know if '09 will find me posting more or less often. I do know that posts will continue to cover a variety of topics and provide insight, humor and an occasional rant.

I hope that 2009 is good to you. I hope that it is good for the United States and for the global economy. If any of you plan on traveling to Southwest Missouri or if you read that I'll be in your area, please let me know. I would consider it a great privilege to get to meet you.

Wishing blessings of good health and prosperity to you and yours in the coming year,


Bilbo said...

I'll start looking for some of my low-cal recipes, and will look forward to reading your next 300 posts! Happy New Year!

Sicilian said...

John. . . . Congrats on your 300th post. . . .we will struggle together to make this thing called weight loss work.
I appreciate your insight. . . sometimes blogged stuff flies out of our fingertips and onto the pages before we know it. . . . . You have saved my hiney more than once because I have thought about what you have said in the comments.
God's Best to you in 09. Look forward to the blog.

Mike said...

I have a special recipe. Open wallet, hand Ted Drews person money, eat and eat and eat.

John said...

One of my favorites, Mike!

fiona said...

300 down and loads more to come!
I enjoy reading your blog AND your comments!
Happy New Year to you and yours