Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trying Something New

Here's one for the Christmas Season: Jesus vs Santa




Sicilian said...

:) Thanks for sharing.

Sherer said...

Very good video indeed. I grew up actually not celebrating Christmas because of this very reason (my fathers upbringing was extremely strict). Unforunately, it probably had a negative effect on me as I still have not warmed up to this santa claus guy! (all those other kids got stuff but I didnt!) However, the point remains very solid. Let us show the REAL meaning of christmas when we celebrate.


Mike said...

VIDEO!! I'm impressed. It's probably easier than I think it is, right? Click an icon, insert a link all done? I'll have to try this .... sometime.

fiona said...

John, that was wonderful, just shared it with the kids who LOL @ Santas obsession with forum here now.
Thank you!