Saturday, December 20, 2008


Okay, so I'm not the brightest guy when it comes to technology or just plain computer stuff. Actually I'm a bit of a computer moron. But now that I've figured out how to put videos on my blog, I might as well share some of my favorites.

This one is a couple of years old but a great performance by a mens' a cappella group called Straight, No Chaser (gotta at least love the name).

By the way, at 6:04 AM CST on Sunday, the Earth will slip past the magical plane that marks the Winter Solstice. The Twelve Days of Winter Celebration begins and then ends at the New Year.


Sunday morning note: Woke up to 4 degrees (F) this morning, that's -15.5 C for my overseas friends. Welcome to winter!

Editing note: This morning I found that the video I loaded last night is no longer available due to copyright infringement. Straight, No Chaser has reunited after ten years and is performing again. The video posted now is from a month ago in DC.


Sicilian said...

Brrrrrrrrr. It is 14 in OK City today, but it is 30 at home. I am clicking my ruby red slippers now and repeating the infamous lines. . . "There's no place like home."
I love acapella singing.

Mike said...

Yesterday's video still works on my computer.

fiona said...

Keep them coming.

Jade said...

-15! Oh my goodness! Thankfully,I am now back in Asia. I think the coldest we had in Holland when I was there was -5 and when it's that cold I hardly go out anymore.

Those guys are really talented!

Cheers from Singapore! And I wish you Happy Holidays too John!
81 F ;)