Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Party Time

'Tis the season for gathering together with people that you normally wouldn't hang out with and for bringing your spouse along to meet the people that you work with. While co-workers gather and discuss things from work, spouses (that have no idea what you're talking about) linger, mingle and anxiously await the magical moment that you can safely leave, having fulfilled the annual requirement of your presence at the festive gathering (where half of the people only know half of the people and the other half only knows their spouse or significant other).

Of course, there are other Christmas parties that you both enjoy; meeting with common friends from various places like clubs, church, neighborhoods, family, etc. For the most part, either gathering is okay for me...I'm pretty comfortable in a crowd of strangers as long as I have some justification for being there. I also look at any social gathering as an opportunity to network and make some connections with new people from various backgrounds and fields of work, knowledge, etc.

Perhaps the best way to insure that both you and your spouse (or significant other) know and enjoy the people at the holiday gathering would be to host the party yourself. You are in charge of everything from the guest list to what food and drink will be served. You are also in charge of set up, clean up and spending some money. There always has to be a downside.

Progressive dinner parties are one way to share the downside and still deliver on a great night for a small group of friends. Sharing costs for a party room at a restaurant or having a caterer are other ways. I say all of this and it sounds like I'm a great host or party going sort of guy...I'm not. I'd be just as happy with a good cup of coffee, a Christmas cookie (or two) and my laptop or a good book to read.

I started down this rant because of another blog that I read. It had posted about a hosting a party of a different kind that immediately made me think of a few readers and fellow bloggers that may enjoy this particular kind of party. And it is not related to the Christmas season so you could do this anytime.

Bilbo enjoys cooking and he and Agnes seem to be the host/hostess type of people. Sicilian blogged about her mother's holiday fare and open house atmosphere. Perhaps she'd like to share some of those Italian recipes. I also thought that Heidi (who always has healthy eating on her mind) would be able to use this type of venue to help teach a few people about healthy choices and great meals. My brother Pat would use a party like this and I'm sure that other readers might also enjoy this kind of recipe sharing.

Personally, I'm more into the recipe tasting side of the equation and feel bad that I won't be able to be there to sample the cooking/baking that will taking place without me.



Mike said...

The problem with hosting a party yourself is that when you've had enough and want to leave, you can't.

Sicilian said...

John. . . . . I have been to a progressive party before. It was a lot of fun. I think we might organize one of those.
I have the perfect house for parties, and love to host them when we can utilize our huge deck.
I can attribute this love of feeding people to my wonderful mother who I miss very much this holiday season.
Great post.


It is funny because it is true how we all go to these parties and hang out with people we like and don't like while trying to be cordial. I had never heard of a progressive party before. I am more of a homebody myself.

fiona said...

I love the idea! Something worth considering for the new year.Thanks for sharing.

Bilbo said...

Anyone interested in recipes can e-mail me for a copy our dance studio recipe collection. Consider it my Christmas/Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice/etc gift.