Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Magic Conference

Here's the promised post regarding the Conference in Branson, May 3-5(Bonus day May 2). My friends Marty and Brenda Hahne, along with Duane and Mary Laflin have been bringing this conference to Branson for the past several years. As in years past, I will be out of town for that weekend and will again miss the conference. In addition to the lectures and the dealers, you also get to experience some of the magic entertainment in Branson. If you need a church to attend on Sunday morning, I invite you to take a short drive north to Ozark and visit us at Hopedale Baptist Church. Sunday evening is our annual Community Day event from 4-7 pm. Look me up. I'll be back by Sunday morning.

If you're looking for information on the conference, here is the link. I'm also adding their site (Dazzling Magic) to the links section in the right column. Marty and Brenda produce many of the props that they sell on their site and chances are good that you have seen them in the dealer room of a conference or workshop that you have been to in the past. Marty and Brenda are both talented entertainers in addition to being expert craftsmen. Try them for their silks or other products.
Let me know if you plan on attending the conference and also send me a post conference comment if you care to take the time.

My own weekend plans will find me in Phoenix for a National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) National Constitution Committee meeting. Since the Diamondbacks will be in town against the Mets, I'll be forced to endure yet another MLB event this year. I'll be back sometime Saturday afternoon and be working midnight to 8 am at the tower.

Life is good, God is great!


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