Friday, March 16, 2007

Baseball in the Midwest

The summer baseball trip with my son Aaron is shaping up nicely. I now have tickets for six of the seven games in our week long adventure. The trip begins in Kansas City on June 14th with the Royals playing the Cardinals. Friday we drive to Chicago and Wrigley Field for the Cubs and Padres. Saturday is Cleveland's Jacob's Field for the Indians and Braves--a battle of the tribes. Sunday is Cincinnati against the Rangers, Monday we're back to Chicago for the White Sox vs. the Marlins, Tuesday up to Milwaulkee for the Brewers vs. the Giants (we have right field bleacher seats for this one!). We end in St. Louis for another Cardinals vs. Royals game. All-in-all, six different cities (Chicago twice), seven different ballparks in seven days. I still have to get tickets for the St. Louis version of the Cards/Royals match up.

I look forward to spending time with Aaron, seeing which Midwest park has the best hotdog, and adding three ballparks to the list of major league parks where I've watched a ballgame. I'm planning on a post or two during the week just to let you know what a great time we're having.


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dale said...

thanks for your warm & encouraging comments on my By-default blog!

Hope all is well back in the states!