Monday, April 02, 2007

Revival at Zion Baptist

Well, it was a wonderful weekend! Friday was a bit of a long day as I made the nearly five hour drive from Ozark to Cainsville after working the midnight shift at the tower. I was a little concerned about making it to the school program on time but had a few minutes to spare. Like many small, rural communities, Cainsville houses all grades, K-12 in the same building. All 120 students attended the assembly/magic show except for a few that were at an FFA event. It’s a little different trying to put together a “Self Esteem” program that is both entertaining and informative when your audience ranges from elementary ages through high school. You want the entertainment to be fun for the younger kids without boring the older ones and want to speak to the older kids without losing the younger ones or being age inappropriate in content.

Friday night at the church was well attended with several in attendance from neighboring churches and a great representation from the members of Zion Baptist. We even had a local guest, Silas, make a brief appearance. Notably absent were Jordan and Brandi Crouse, as they were celebrating the arrival of young daughter Carly, born Friday afternoon. I missed getting to hear Jordan sing this year, but I certainly understand his absence. Saturday night and Sunday morning services were also well attended. Lunch at the church on Sunday was awesome! Great job, ladies!

All in all, I had a great time. Kudos to Pastor Richard and all of the family at Zion Baptist. A special thanks to Brother Bob for opening his home to me. I only hope that they all had as much fun as I did.

The spring continues to be busy with a trip next Saturday to Mountain Home, AR. I’ll be at the Easter Egg Hunt at Eastside Baptist Church. My own church, Hopedale will have the Easter Musical, Forever Triumphant at 7 pm Friday and Saturday nights. Please come and celebrate with us!

Easter Sunday will find me at work in the evening. Thanks to Tammy for trading days off with me. That will allow me to be in Humphreys, MO for a Thursday-Sunday Revival the following weekend. It is a great joy to work with Christian brothers and sisters that take part in my ministry by trading shifts or by working so that I can be gone. Thanks to you all!

He is risen!
He is risen, indeed!


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