Thursday, March 15, 2007

When Volunteering Becomes Mandatory

Well the FAA strikes again. More lies to the press. The problem is that when the press reports what they are told by the FAA, everybody assumes that it is the truth.

Our adminstrator has said that new hires to the air traffic controller workforce will be making $90,000 in five years. I think that I'd be better off to quit and hire in at the new pay scale (about half of my current pay). That way in five years I'd be making more than I'm making now after fifteen years. Since they have frozen my current pay, I'd come out ahead, right? Yeah, right!

The latest lie? If you have been following any of the news related to the shortage of controllers, you already know that many of the busiest facilities in the country are scheduling controllers to work six days per week. Yesterday we found out that we've been volunteering to work this overtime! FAA spokesperson Diane Spitaliere told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer in yesterday's (March 14) editions:"We do have overtime at some facilities, but it is strictly voluntary," she said.

With our own shortages at Springfield (SGF), I've been volunteered to work an overtime shift on Saturday. Unfortunately, that means that I won't be at Silver Dollar City this weekend. My apologies to my friend Chris Newsom at the magic shop. Stop in and see them anyways!

Only 1,759 days to retirement eligibility!


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