Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A little ray of sunshine

It isn't often that I have to set an alarm. Mostly I just get up when I'm finished sleeping. Today I have an early appointment at the hospital to get my Covid-19 vaccination. Since it's also my week for chaplain rotation, I'll just make my rounds while I'm there. 

That's some good news against the darker background of political chaos that is going on in the US. I am still having a difficult time processing how so many people are following the obvious lies of their cult leader. Every four years we have a presidential election, and every four years someone wins and someone loses. There isn't election fraud. A win wasn't stolen. Candidate Biden received more popular votes and more electoral votes than candidate Trump. Period.
He lost.

That's the way elections work when sane, reasonable adults are involved.
But this crazy, narcissistic, whack job of a president has convinced his crazier, whack job followers that he was robbed, the election was rigged, and everyone else is lying - his own party's governors, his own appointed judges, the media, and most of his parties elected officials. He has stirred them into a violent mob that even other supporters of the president are opposed to and are quietly beginning to reconsider their own support.

To the Confederate flag waving, "You lost - get over it" crowd -- You lost. Get over it. Do like every other loser does -- go back, re-evaluate, make plans for the next election. Enough with the lies, the hate, and the violence. Follow the Constitution that you wave around like the Bible. (Okay, that's a bad example since you actually do follow the Constitution the same way you follow the Bible--not at all, but you get my drift, right?)  

Still hoping for better days ahead, but I fear there will be worse ones first.
Spread a little peace today. I could use it.


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