Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring is here and summer is on its way!

It is the first day of Spring!

For what ever reason, I am up before the sun on this first morning of spring. Maybe I'll make my way outside to watch the sun come up -- maybe not. Even though the Vernal Equinox is just a celestial event that marks the beginning of the season, I am very pleased to acknowledge its arrival.

Along with the first day of spring, baseball season is just around the corner and plans are in the making for summer camps and events! I've already got several camps scheduled for the late spring and early summer, as well as a summer wedding and a daycare magic show!

I'm thinking that if you are planning a summer event -- camp, revival, summer school events, whatever -- you should probably contact me to save your dates.
I also have a few personal events on the calendar that I'll be guarding with care -- a family reunion in late July and this summer's total eclipse in August. I'm sure that there will also be several baseball games and a motorcycle trip or two!

Retirement ain't for the lazy!
It's too bad that I'm not more organized. I could accomplish so much more!

In other springtime activities, I managed to build a raised bed garden and get a few plants started. There is still more to do and I have some flowers to plant, as well.

Happy first day of Spring!

John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

Those are great things to look forward to, John.

Mike said...

80 degrees today! But 50 tomorrow.