Saturday, March 25, 2017

Miscellaneous thoughts

It's a rainy Saturday morning in the Ozarks.
Hopefully, it will stop long enough for me to get my walk in at some point.

If you read my other blog, you already know that I'm trying to get back to regular walking and a better diet. The struggle is real for this under energized, over eating, middle aged, fat boy. I just take it one day at a time.


Tonight I get to perform a wedding ceremony for a friend's kids. Last night was the rehearsal dinner.
It is a large wedding party and I'm sure that it will be a fun time.
Since I don't do too many weddings, it really is an honor to be asked to serve in this way.
Although my ministry licence allows me this privilege, since I don't pastor a church nor advertise for weddings, I generally only serve for family and friends. I've only done one wedding for people that I didn't know.

A couple of years ago, we were eating out when a young woman approached our table and asked if I was John Hill. It was the bride of that young couple and they were also having dinner at the Keeter Center on that night. I was surprised that she remembered me and happy that she came to our table to say hi. I received a friend request from her on Facebook and so I get to keep up with the young couple and their beautiful little girl.


Tonight is the beginning of the Pulaski Association Annual Evangelism Conference.
I've been to it for all but one of the years they have had it. I will miss this year's event as well. Although I had been scheduled to go, I decided that I should be here at home since this is the weekend after Chris' chemo treatment and is generally a pretty crappy weekend. I'm hoping to get to attend a session on Tuesday. I have received a number of calls, messages and cards from the evangelists that are attending. They are all keeping Chris in their prayers.
That's pretty cool.


Political action and inaction in our nation's capitol has become entertaining ... in a B-rated horror movie kind of way. Not everybody really likes horror movies.  Sometimes they are just scary and have lots of people getting hurt or killed with no well developed plot.
Just a thought...


I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend.
Do something nice for somebody.
Do something nice for yourself, too.

Be well,
John <><

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Mike said...

There was a bit on the news about the Irish betting system taking bets on Trump getting impeached.