Saturday, March 18, 2017

Cell Phone Service Survey

I know people's choices for cell phone providers is often a regional choice.
I know that many service providers contract with one (or more) of the primary cell phone providers.
I'm interested in your choice and why you choose it.

In particular, I'm interested to see if anyone uses Project fi and what you think of it.
My kid's use it and love it.
I use Google for most online activity -- Blogger for blogging, gmail for email, Google chrome for browsing, I use a chromebook for most access, and have Chrome cast on my televisions. I suppose using Google as a cell phone provider would make sense, too.

This is a pretty unscientific poll because it isn't targeted to a specific demographic, nor will I know how many people read and don't respond (although I imagine it will be most of you).
Anyway, if you don't mind, please leave a comment with your provider and (if you feel like it) a little review on your service.

We currently use AT&T and have for quite some time.

John <><

1 comment:

Mike said...

Since I hardly ever use my cell phone I really don't know. I have AT&T and my son is on my plan. He wants me to stick with AT&T because he has heard to many complaints from his friends about other cell phone service in this area.

Disclaimer I - I get a retiree discount.

Disclaimer II - I think all cell "phone' service sucks. It should be called cell 'data' service. If you want to see how bad cell phones are call Chris, stand about ten feet apart, and try and talk to each other over the phone while you are looking at each other.