Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Coffee Break!

Or maybe I should say, "Coffee! Brake!"

So I am out earlier than usual this morning because I was scheduled for a platelet donation at the Red Cross. I'm a little frustrated because I was pretty sure than our recent trip to the Dominican Republic would be a 12 month deferral but was told (when I made the appointment) that it wasn't.

It is.

No worries.
Now I have a few hours that I had set aside for the donation.
It's sunny (but cool) and I'm on my motorcycle.
It could be worse.

Back to the coffee break.

My daughter, Hannah, has been telling me of this great little coffee house in Springfield. She has several of their different roasts and even shared enough of the Ethiopian beans with her dad. It was an excellent pot of coffee! Apparently, she has also bragged of this place to her brother (former wholesale manager of Bow Truss coffee roasters) who now manages one of Chicago's busiest Starbucks. He checked them out online and found out that he and Hannah went to high school with the sons of the owners.

I decided to take this opportunity to check it out for myself.
I'm sitting in Travellers House Coffee and Tea.
The fire gives the place an inviting feeling on a chilly morning and the place is relatively busy for a weekday mid-morning time frame.

My coffee -- 16oz Americano with an extra shot -- is good, my chair is comfortable, and I am people watching as I type away on my little blog. I plan on taking some beans home with me since I'm down to just a couple of days worth of beans from our trip to the Dominican Republic.
I expect to be back here in the future. I am happy to support local businesses, especially businesses that appear to being doing great at what they do.

This coffee house appears to be quite the meeting place for business appointments and friendly get togethers. It isn't often that I stop in a coffee shop. I rarely have a meeting with someone and generally have good coffee at home. But it may be that you are looking for some good coffee or tea and need a place to meet on Springfield's south side.
Stop by and see these folks. Tell them you read about them on some guy's blog or saw a recommendation for them on Twitter.

The day is warming up and the road is calling. Time to get back on the motorcycle.
Good coffee, sunshine, motorcycle.
This is shaping up to be a beautiful day!

John <><


Mike said...

I had a spot removed from my face that was 'pre'cancerous. 12 month deferral on blood donation. But do they stop sending you emails or stop calling? Nope.

John Hill said...

They should.
I won't receive a call until next March.