Sunday, March 12, 2017

Give 'em Heaven!

It's Sunday morning and we are heading to Galena MO to be with my friend Jimmy Harriss and his church. All of the evangelists will be in different Tricounty Baptist Association churches this morning. We got to hear from the music folks last night at the conference opening session and will hear from the preaching evangelists over the next two days.

But today is Sunday and we are dispersed to the churches. I know that many of the churches will be blessed to hear these guys as they share from God's word.
There are a few new guys in our group that I haven't had the opportunity to hear and I am looking forward to it. My time to preach at the conference isn't until the final session on Tuesday night. I wish I could say I was looking forward to that.

As encouragement goes, there were several people that did tell me how much they enjoy my preaching and style of sharing the Word, so I do feel good about that. And maybe that's really the key -- my style isn't to be preachy, just to share the Word with a little background and cultural application.

In any case, it's quiet time before today's church and prep time this afternoon for Tuesday's message.

To my preaching brother's, "Preach hard. Heaven hangs in the balance!"

John <><

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