Saturday, August 13, 2016

Reading, Writing ... and Riding!

Recently (after reading articles about how little people read and how much better informed readers are), I've decided to start reading again.
...And by reading again, I'm talking about reading for pleasure as well as reading for information. Apparently there is something about reading (even fiction) that helps the brain receive and process information better than in non-readers.

I started with my favorite genre of fiction reading -- westerns.
I also like reading some suspense and have a few unread old Clancy books on our bookshelves. We also have some classics that are deserving of a re-read. I will probably have to limit my internet reading a little as I pick up on the other stuff. I'm pretty certain that won't hurt a bit. It will probably even have some great benefits!


Today was our summer board meeting for the Ozarks Chapter of the American Christian Writers (OCACW) club. Yeah, I have them fooled into believing that I'm a proficient enough writer that I serve as an officer -- Vice President -- of our local club!
The truth is -- the only reason I serve as vice president is because I have a big voice and can keep the monthly meetings on schedule. Our President -- a real writer -- used to moderate the meetings. In her absence or when she also conducted the workshop portion of the meetings, the vice president -- another real writer -- would serve as meeting moderator.  At some point they asked me if I would take that role and bestowed the title of vice president upon me.

Our club has a number of professional writers -- career journalists, university professors, editors, publishers, and a large number of authors that have written and published multiple books. I write a few sermons and publish a few mostly unread blogs. Maybe it is time to start working on something more serious in the way of writing. (Even my blog posts have become more of a personal journal than they used to be -- probably why fewer people are reading than there used to be.)
In any case, our meetings begin again on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 10am at the University Heights Baptist Church and I have been nominated and elected to serve as vice president for another year. I will miss our first meeting this year and I'll need to find someone else to serve as moderator. I'll be there in October.

Maybe I'll have something worthwhile to write between now and then -- something more worthy of a vice president of a writing club.

Today is too nice of a day to continue writing. I think I'll go for a ride!

John <><

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Mike said...

There's a reason for your next ride to St. Louis. To see the new library on Gravois Road.