Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Early morning thoughts

It's not often that I have trouble sleeping. Sometimes I wake up in the early morning, but usually have no trouble falling back asleep. This morning I seemed to be pretty awake at 4:30am. After lying awake for more than 40 minutes, I decided to get up.

It's a few minutes before 6 and I've had a peach, sliced with cinnamon and cream and am working on my second cup of coffee. In a little while I'll throw some pork steaks into the crock pot and we'll have some pork bbq tonight and pork fried rice later in the week. Dinner prep should be easy to finish up when I get back from my round trip to St. Louis to have lunch with fellow blogger Mike.

It is a foggy morning in the Ozarks, but I expect that to burn off quickly after the sun comes up. It looks like the weather should be good for a long bike ride. I may make a little side trip before heading home. A retired air traffic controller friend in St. Louis is running to serve in the US House of Representatives. He called yesterday and we talked for a short time. I told him I'd be in St. Louis today and he invited me to stop by his office. I'll try to make that happen.

I have the TV on in the background and the morning news is about Donald Trump's comments encouraging an assassination if Sec. Clinton becomes President Clinton and a new story dealing with e-mails from the Clinton Foundation that tie the Foundation to the State Dept. Both stories raise some serious concerns about our candidates for the nation's highest office.

There was a time when politics interested me more than it does today. It is still important to me, but it has become so tiresome to listen to all of the garbage slinging. I am very tired of politicians and people putting party politics ahead of country. There are certainly a good number of patriots serving in our government, but there are far too many that have forgotten the role to represent the people and only seek the personal benefits of national politics. My own district representative is one of them. He ran on a campaign of changing Washington as usual politics, but has done nothing but what his party leaders have told him to do. He is a party puppet and a local favorite. Although he had a couple of party challengers in the primary, he won by a large margin and the young Democratic woman that will oppose him in November doesn't stand much of a chance in this sea of red.

Time for me to get things done so that I can hit the road.

Be well,
John <><


Mike said...

You're going to be sitting there at lunch thinking about pork steaks.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Have a great road trip, John. I'm tired of being dismayed by politicians now.

Duckbutt said...

The tenor of politics gets me down.