Thursday, August 25, 2016

Long Overdue ...

A week or so ago I wrote about needing to read more fiction.
Yesterday I made a long overdue (pardon the pun) trip to the Christian County Library. Although I had thought about making a visit, I wasn't planning on making the stop when I started out for a ride on my motorcycle.

Since it had been years since my last visit, the first thing I did was to see if I would be able to check out books without my library card. In the passing years, they have upgraded their system so it was necessary to check and see if I was still in the system. Yay! I was!

... And I had a 50 cent fine due!
I paid the fine, got a new card and checked out a few books. We'll see how the sitting and reading thing goes. A book and a cigar should go together well and would take 90 minutes or so. I'm not much for reading in bed, but I did for a little while last night. We have plans to be out for the next couple of nights (trivia night tonight and evening plans with friends tomorrow) and it is still baseball season...hmmm, maybe three books in two weeks was a little ambitious.

I'm sure I'll find some reading time throughout the day, but probably not today! Haircut this morning, lunchtime meeting at the Tricounty Baptist office, short ride (if it's not raining), dinner prep and then trivia night.
No worries, though. I have never felt pressured by library due dates. (Maybe that's why I owed 50 cents from years past!)

I do have to say that I was pleased to see that our little library was a hub of activity. There were people of all ages present and all of the computer terminals were active. There isn't a coffee shop or anything like that in our little town library, nor are there funds to support it. I may have to bring my own coffee and sit at the outside benches with a newspaper. Although it is supposed to be the county library, I suspect that it is mostly used by Ozark residents.

I may become a more regular patron.

John <><

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Mike said...

If you're not done in two weeks you should be able to just call the library and extend for another two weeks. If no one is waiting for the book you can do this quite a few times.