Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Politically Slow Learners -- or maybe just bullied into submission

I have been watching news channels this morning and beginning to wonder when the media will pick up on the slick campaign tactics of Donald Trump. Coverage over His antics and bigoted comments is on all of the news channels (although with a little different slant on Fox News*).

I don't think that The Donald is completely stupid when it comes to swaying large blocks of people.
HE is in the news.
The name of Donald Trump is always being talked about. And even if Trump himself does little to walk back his outrageous comments, some of his people try to offer some understanding or deflection of what was said or done.

I think that this might be purposeful. The more that we are focused on his antics, the less we look at his politics and policies. By the time November rolls around, we'll have a long list of bad behaviors and plenty of character issues but no reason to doubt his ability to lead because we will know nothing about his plans for the economy, military, national security or anything else. But we will have his blustery promises that all of those things will be better than ever -- and who doesn't what that?

At some point, the press will need to be forceful about getting answers to policy questions.
And so will the Clinton campaign.
This will not be easy. Trump is a master at deflecting questions and giving non-answers. He is also a bully that will lash out and criticize a reporter or media outlet rather than answer a direct question. In the end the story becomes about the fight rather than the story about the policy. (Does anyone remember what questions Trump was dodging during the debate or only his bloody comments about Megan Kelly's ability to moderate?) His policy plans have been vague promises or bold promises without any feasible methods for carrying them out.

There are more than enough ads and reasons NOT to vote for any candidate for any office.
I would really like to know why I should vote for a candidate. And I'm not talking about the pretty pictures with your families or finding out that you teach a Sunday school class. What will you do in office and how will you do it?

Just some morning thoughts...

John <><

*Yes, I actually watched a couple of hours of Fox News.

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Duckbutt said...

Donald Trump has largely gotten by with very little of substance as to what he would do if President.