Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My Ordinary Life... (and Tuesdays are for trivia)

Yeah, today is one of those days.

It's house hubby day at the Hill house in the Ozarks. All of the normal household chores. Laundry (mine, along with towels and bedding. Chris takes care of her own), dusting, floors and bathroom. It's a good day for it since it is overcast with occasional light rain. If the sun comes out this afternoon, I might get ambitious enough to mow the lawn, but I am guessing that will have to wait for another day.

If the sun does come out, I'm more likely to reward my work with a nice long ride.

Chicken drumsticks are thawing and will be cooked and bbq'd on the grill for the evening meal. Maybe I'll swing by the store and grab a couple of earns of corn to go with them.

Yes, friends and neighbors, retirement isn't all fun and games -- sometimes it's just fun!


Btw, did you know that in the 1956 film The Searchers, John Wayne's character Ethan Edwards uttered the words, "That'll be the day" several times. The Duke's use of the phrase made such an impression on Buddy Holly that he ended up using it in a future rock 'n' roll hit song.*
For your listening pleasure:

John <><

*source Trivia hive

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Mike said...

I pick the ride for your activity.