Thursday, March 24, 2016

Throwback Thursday: winter returns

Today's Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a brief return to winter in the Ozarks!
Wow! 75f (24c) yesterday and 28 (-2c) tonight!

It was a good morning to sleep late. The windows in our bedroom were opened a bit so the upper 30s outdoor temps made the room cool and provided a deterrent to crawling out from underneath the warm blankets. I took a page from Chris' book and just rolled over and grabbed my phone and did some of my morning surfing from bed rather than getting up.

The major downside to that -- no coffee!

I decided that I'd go out for coffee this morning so I am blogging from Starbucks and eavesdropping on the conversations at the tables around me. On another morning, I may just go to the little coffee shop in Ozark and blog from there but today I felt like taking a brisk ride on the cycle. And the free refills at Starbucks was also a factor in that decision.

Ozarkers tend to be a little stubborn when it comes to reverting to wearing coats and winter wear. Many of today's patrons are refusing to even wear a light jacket and are only going as far as wearing long sleeved shirts and jeans.

This Starbucks appears to be a gathering place for moms with young kids. Next to me is a couple of women (one with a baby) talking about life. The one with the baby is doing most of the talking and I sense that she needs an adult to talk to. Her friend is actively listening and asking questions that keep the mom eagerly engaged.

Another couple of ladies look to be engaged in an interview or meeting of some type. The mom with the toddler appeared to be a little late (although it could be that the other woman was early). Mom is feeding her young daughter and taking notes and appears to be the one directing the meeting.

There are also a couple of college student that are studying and a mother with her son that look like they are taking their home school class to the coffee shop today.
A businessman on his phone, an older man having coffee and a breakfast sandwich, and many that are just in and out with their drink of choice make up the patrons of Starbucks on this late March day.

Oh yeah, and the old guy people watching and blogging in the corner!

Spring temps will be back soon and I'm sure that they will bring thunderstorms and showers as they usually do ... they seasonal cycles continue as we journey around the sun.

I think I'll grab lunch in Springfield before heading home. I'll people watch from another location!

John <><

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That's a nice start for the day! Have a nice evening.