Saturday, March 05, 2016

Lookout for Motorcycles!

It's the first weekend of March!

It looks to be another beautiful weekend in the Ozarks. The overnight temps and early morning temps are still pretty cool, but the day time temps are around 65F (18C for the rest of the world). Looks like a motorcycle ride will be a part of the weekend.

I feel a bit like a kid when it comes to my new (or new to me) motorcycle. In the first week of having it, I've put on about 300 miles -- not going anywhere in particular, just getting on it and riding. Sometimes I only go a few miles down the highway and back. I'm just getting used it and am really looking forward to seeing how I like it on a long ride.

On Monday I'm taking it in to be serviced. Since I really don't know when the last time it was serviced, I figured to have it done and have the bike checked out by somebody that knows a bit about motorcycles. Apparently it's a busy time of year and others are getting their bikes ready for spring because I took it in last Monday and they told me they couldn't get to it until this week.

I bought a summer weight jacket yesterday and am in the market for a new summer helmet. I'll also need a trunk bag before making a long road trip this summer. Did I mention that I'm a bit like a kid?

And while I was out shopping motorcycle accessories -- THREE different times somebody pulled out in front of me! One time the guy was looking right at me!
I know that cycles are less visible than cars, but this guy had nothing obscuring his vision -- I could see his face! Maybe he just wasn't looking for a motorcycle because it's early March and there aren't too many bikers out yet -- BUT PLEASE be on the lookout for motorcyclists.

This was the first time that something like this has happened to me.
When I first started riding, someone told me to treat every other vehicle on the road like they're trying to kill you. I think that's a little extreme but the point is to be aware of all the other cars and trucks -- and realize that they may not be aware of you! As I'm riding in traffic, I'm always asking myself, "Does that guy see you? Does he know you're here?" I hate riding beside someone in traffic because I'm always thinking they may change lanes without looking.

But the open road? I love it!
There are many great roads to ride through the Ozarks. The scenery is beautiful and you can often ride the county highways and only encounter a few other vehicles -- especially when you can ride during the weekdays when most people are at work!
Yep. Life is good!

Look for me on the road.
Watch for motorcycles.

John <><


Mike said...

Have a compressor installed. Then get the biggest air horn you can find.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

There seems to be an epidemic of bad drivers, John Hill. They are heedless of cars too. Take care when you're on the open road!

Have a great weekend, and a restorative one!