Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring is in the air!

This afternoon I am sitting in the sun, fighting the glare on my Chromebook (I'm currently winning) and enjoying another beautiful day in the Ozarks. I suppose I could move into the shade but that would defeat the purpose of being shoeless and shirtless and soaking up the sun. It is 71 (that's 22 for the rest of the world) and BEE-YOU-T-FULL!

It is a very welcomed day after a week of overcast skies and on and off rain.

I should be out riding my motorcycle -- except
(sigh) I got a flat tire while out riding yesterday and they couldn't get it in until tomorrow for repair!

A weeks worth of rain has my garden area a little too muddy to work in, but the sun should dry it out nicely for work later in the week. I'm pretty much an amateur when it comes to growing things so this will be more of an experiment than an actual garden. With any luck we'll have a few edible items to enjoy in the coming months. I'm going to start small and see what happens.

And while I'm at it, I think I'll do a few flowers. It should prove to be interesting ... or perhaps humorous! The experience will either provide us with food to eat or a story to tell -- maybe both!

If Monday is any indicator, this is going to be a grand week!

Be well, my friends!

John <><

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