Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tuesday in Cancun...

Day 4 of our Cancun trip was a pretty uneventful day.
By that, I don't mean that it was boring in any way. I simply mean that we didn't do anything other than to enjoy the beach, time with our friends and relax. I have been taking advantage of the outdoor time to enjoy some pretty good cigars!

I feel a little bad that I don't have any great excursions to report. But I suppose that those outings are something that you would rather enjoy for yourselves anyway. We have been on several day trips in the past (although it has been many years since we've visited Cancun) and planned this trip knowing that most of our time would be spent sunning on the beach.

I did manage a 3 mile walk early in the day and will take a walk in just a little while this morning. It will probably be a little bit shorter today.

On my Instagram feed, I noticed that someone else was posting from our hotel and thought I had figured out who it was. The young woman ended up at the table next to me this morning and so I asked. It was a little awkward since her Instagram name is @disco_whore. I mean how does a 55 year old guy ask a pretty young woman, "Are you the disco whore?" without sounding like a creepy old man?
...especially if it isn't the right person!
As it turned out, it was the right person and she seemed pleased that I liked her pics. She and her friend are traveling from the Czech Republic.

It is already about 80 degrees here at 8:30 on a Wednesday morning in January.
Here is my breakfast view from the balcony on the lagoon side of the hotel.

Happy hump day!
John <><


eViL pOp TaRt said...

You're having a REAL vacation, John! Getting some high quality relaxation in.

Mike said...

If she's from the Czech Republic she may be a distant cousin of mine.

John Hill said...

If she is a distant relative, you have some very attractive relatives, Mike!