Saturday, January 23, 2016

Arrival Day -- Cancun

It's a relatively early end to day one in Cancun. We were up pretty early to catch a 6AM flight out of SGF, delayed in ATL for a short while (they aren't very efficient at the whole deicing thing) and arrived a few hours later than anticipated in Cancun.

Once through customs and with bags in hand, we waited for our transport to the hotel. As is often the case, nobody was in much of a hurry and probably didn't realize that we were wasting away to nothing since we missed a meal in the process of the late arrival.

Arriving at NYX Hotel Cancun was a different experience than we've grown accustomed to. The transport unloaded our bags, collected his tip and left us to try to figure out how to access the hotel. It was weird that no one from the hotel staff was there to greet us and haul our bags up the ramp to the entrance, which was actually on the second level.

After getting checked in, we changed into beach wear and headed back downstairs (two floors) and around to the covered, outdoor restaurant/bar for a late lunch.
This relatively small resort doesn't have a buffet as part of its all inclusive package, nor does it offer a variety of restaurants to choose from. Breakfast is served off the lobby and lunch and dinner are served in the outdoor area. And you order off a menu like you would at a restaurant.

For our late lunch, I had an appetizer of shrimp and fish tacos. The three tacos were pretty small (appetizer sized), served with fresh guacamole and salsa, and were very, very tasty! I had chicken fajitas for my entree, also serve with guacamole and salsa and equally as delicious. Portions were smaller than you would find in most American restaurants, but were really just right to satisfy and not so much as to feel stuffed. Service was also a little slower than we've come to expect, but other than being hungry, we had no place to go and were dining on the beach!

We took care of a few little things with the room, went for an afternoon walk on the beach, lounged at the resort and admired the ocean view, went back to the room and changed for dinner.
And again, the food was delicious! Dinner started with a salad bar that had plenty of fresh greens, veggies, soups and breads. For my main course I had a marinated flank steak with grilled onions, along with the standard guacamole and salsa. The steak was much more tender than I was expecting and had a sweet/smoky kind of flavor. The only disappointing thing to my palate was the after dinner coffee -- oy!
I may have to join Chris in getting my caffeine fix via Coca Light (or Diet Coke to us Americans).

In the end, I'm calling it a good day!
We arrived safely and none the worse for wear.
I enjoyed a good cigar on the beach and walked barefoot in the sand with the ocean lapping at my feet.
We dined on a couple of good meals and managed to read a little on the beach.
And we'll get to do it all again tomorrow.

Yes, friends, I am blessed!
John <><


Mike said...

"...wasting away to nothing..."

Just count that as your fasting day for this week. You are still doing that, right?

eViL pOp TaRt said...

Have a great time in Cancun, John Hill!