Thursday, January 07, 2016

Bon Appetit!

I decided to try something different for dinner the other night.
I'm not sure where this crazy idea came from, but it turned out pretty well. I will definitely do a few things differently on a second go-round so I'll tell you what those variations will be.

We have leftover ham from the weekend and trying to figure out a way to eat it other than sandwiches (done that) or putting the rest into a pot of beans (will do that, too) was what got me thinking.
I ended up with kind of a ham pot pie that's cross between a quiche and a casserole.

I started with a store bought pie crust and placed it in a deep dish pie plate. Then I grated three potatoes and placed them in the "pie" (I'll only use two next time and maybe a little sweet potato for color, taste and texture). I chopped up some celery and onions (I don't measure anything so you'll have to go with what looks good for you) and mixed them in with the grated potatoes. I covered that with a generous amount of shredded cheese (cheddar and jack) and added frozen chopped broccoli (hey! it's January in the Midwest!). I beat together 3 eggs and 3 egg whites and a little half and half (did I mention that I don't measure?) and poured it over everything, then I topped it all with chopped up ham pieces.
You can season it to your taste. I used garlic, salt and pepper. Next time I'll add some cayenne or crushed red pepper.
Baked at 375 for an hour and 15 min. (or so -- don't remember exactly since I kept adding a little time from my original 45 minutes).

Here's the final product.

Next time I'll use more cheese (maybe mix some in with the potatoes, celery and onions), and I'll use lots more ham!

All-in-all, not bad for something I just made up in my head.
Now -- what to do with the leftover leftovers?
I think I'll heat up a slice and top it with a fried egg for breakfast!
Bon appetit!

John <><


Mike said...

Cooking was never my thing. When my son was in scouts, that was the part I disliked most, outdoor cooking. I was born for the fast food revolution.

John Hill said...

Btw, the fried egg on top for breakfast was really good!

eViL pOp TaRt said...

It sounds delicious! That's worth trying. It's imaginative and tasty. Ummmm, Ummmmm!!