Sunday, August 02, 2015

Truth and Perspective

I know that we all have this idea that the truth we know is the real truth and anything else is a deception. But what if truth looks different based on one's perception?
Can two different perspectives define different truths?

I know that there are many people that only seem willing to take a stance based on their narrow perceptions. It doesn't matter whether they are conservative or liberal, theist or atheist, rich or poor. Until we at least listen to what others are saying, we cannot hope to see things from their perspective. It may turn out that we are both right, or maybe both wrong. It doesn't always have to be that I am right and that makes everybody else wrong.

Before you speak,
before you write...

Am I seeing this from all sides?
If I listen to others, will I learn something important about this?
Am I open to changing my own thoughts based on others perceptions?

John <><

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