Thursday, August 27, 2015

Baseball, Magic and other Random Thoughts

It's the end of August and we're having some pretty fall like days. The nights have been in the low 60s and daytime highs have barely reached 80. It's been beautiful, but I am not ready for the fall nor the coming winter.

I am looking forward to this years post-season baseball play as it appears that the Cardinals will be making another World Series bid. I have to say that I am enjoying this west coast road trip and managing to watch each late night game. The 9pm to midnight time frame works well for this Central Time Zone boy and allows me to enjoy the games without feeling like I'm neglecting something else. I can still manage a good night's sleep and enjoy my (later) morning coffee and quiet time the following morning completely guilt free!

Today (like most days) I've had very little interaction with people other than my wife. I'm beginning to realize that this will probably be my life from here on. I keep having people ask me if I have any hobbies like fishing or golf or what I do with my time in retirement. So far I am happy to report that I am just enjoying my free time. I wouldn't mind doing a little fishing, but I'm not really thinking about taking it up as a hobby.

I have some magic shows booked for the fall and am working on getting a few more. I also have another revival and several preaching dates.

I have a small area that is set aside for a garden. I've been planning on gardening a little for the past two summers but have let the springtime get away from me. I am hoping to have the area ready this fall so that the spring planting will be all that I need to worry about in 2016. I really do like the idea of fresh produce from the backyard! This year (like every other year) we have been counting on the bounty and generosity of our gardening friends.

As a matter of fact, tonight's dinner was pork fried rice using onions and peppers from my parents' friend Clarence's garden and grilled pork steak and side meat (bacon that is not cured) from the half hog we recently purchased from one of Chris' coworkers. As much as we enjoy eating out (which is about every night!), there is something especially rewarding about good food that is prepared well at home.
Perhaps next year we'll have more of it!

I also have a few trips planned for the fall so it's not like I'm bored or planning on being bored. I was at a retirement party for a former co-worker earlier this week and plan on attending another one this fall and one in the winter as the old guard continues to age out of the air traffic control world.

I've also been thinking about a couple of controversial posts for the blog. I don't know if that's something that I'll do or not. My following has dropped off considerably since my last controversial posts so it may be that I won't do any more damage than what has already been done. And a large readership has never been the goal of Out of My Hat.

Honestly, I think the reason The Donald has such a huge following is because he says what ever he feels like saying and doesn't care about what others think of it...or of him. I doubt that I'll ever be as insensitive as he is, but there might just be something to telling it like it is.

I'd write more but it's time for the baseball game to start and my cigar is down to a stub.
Be well, my reading friends!

John <><

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Mike said...

I think people that 'tell it like it is' haven't thought things through completely.