Sunday, August 23, 2015

Tell Your Story. Tell His Story!

How did you meet Jesus?
How did you come to know Him as your Savior?

It's a story that you should tell.
It doesn't have to be a long story. In fact, it probably shouldn't be so long that people would tune out before you get to the good part. But tell the story.

Maybe you've heard the fantastic stories of lives that were changed from addictions or horrid conditions and you think that your story doesn't compare to those. The story that secures your salvation ought to be your favorite tell it! Tell it often.

I remember talking to friend that said she didn't really have a story to tell. She grew up in a Christian home and made a profession of faith at a very young age. My response was, "That's a great story! Do you know how many people wish that they had the testimony of growing up in a Christian family?"

If that is your heritage (and the heritage you are giving to your children) -- tell it!

We will relive all types of events and share them with others. I tell the story of the time I went to Wrigley Field with a friend. He's a huge baseball fan and had never been to Wrigley. It was quite an experience for him and a great weekend for both of us.
People reminisce about concerts they went to decades ago.
We remember getting autographs of our idols, meeting certain people, going to special places.
We re-live so many of life's events.
Why not share our encounters with God.

And keep your testimony current.
Is God still working in your life?
Do you still interact with Him?
What's He done for you lately?
...And what have you done for Him?

God loves you!
Jesus died for you!

John <><

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