Friday, July 31, 2015

Things to do...

It's hard to believe that I've been on this retirement gig for six months, as of today! 
Seems like an appropriate day for a "blue moon" celestial event!

I have to admit that I'm still working on finding an easy rhythm for the day-to-day stuff (maybe working on it is an exaggeration), although I am getting along pretty well without one. The freedom of not having to have anything set in stone is nice, it just takes a little getting used to.

Yesterday, Chris and I spent a couple of hours kayaking on the James River, just east of Springfield Lake. It was a nice day and we could have stayed out longer, but I wanted to keep it pretty short. I figured it would be better to plan a short day and have her like it and be willing to go again than to be out too long if she didn't like it. 
As it turned out, she suggested that next time we pack a lunch and find a place to stop and enjoy it!
We finished the day (and began this one) with an unexpected visit in our neighbor's driveway. It began with going over to tell him about my Chicago weekend and ended with our wives joining us and all of us out talking until 1 am! 

Because of working a day last weekend, Chris ended up with a stretch of 5 days off this weekend. It was something that she didn't realize until she was already a day into and so we didn't make any plans for a long weekend. We do have plans to meet with couple of friends for dinner tonight and are considering what we might do with our remaining three days. 

We may head across the state to hike some of the trails at Taum Sauk State Park. Or we may find something closer to home and return to sleep in our own bed at night. I guess we'll figure something out today. 

I am really a little surprised at the interaction I'm having with some people. We've been doing more things with more people over the past few months than we have in a very long time. I don't think it's just having more time. I think that maybe not working has made me a little easier to get along with. I guess that would be a good thing (unless it means I'm going to have to start being around people again)! I need to find a balance between human interaction and solitude. At least now I have more control over the people I see. 

I found out that another of my controller friends has decided to move his retirement forward a year and will be hanging up his headset soon. I'm really happy for him and his family. I'm pretty sure that in the end, he's not going to be wishing that he worked one more year!  

It kind of stinks for the people that remain. They are already short staffed and working scheduled overtime. I told my old boss that I could help his staffing numbers if he wanted to work out a re-hired annuitant status and bring me back to work a few mids each week. I'd work only mids (limited interaction with anybody) and he'd get a body for the day or evening shift. I don't think he took me seriously, but it is something I'd consider. It would only be temporary since I age out of eligibility in a few months, anyway.

Oh my! 
I have such a good life!

I'd better start figuring out how I'm going to spend my day.
I think I'll start by having another cup of coffee!

John <><


Mike said...

We need to design a t-shirt that says 'I've been retired for X+ years'. If we could get someone to buy them they would have to keep buying them to stay updated.

John Hill said...

I still consider myself a retiree apprentice.
An Apprentice Retiree and Journeyman Retiree (for you more experienced guys) would work for me!