Friday, August 07, 2015

The Real Debate...

I missed the Fox News debate last night.
I was faced with my own personal debate: go to the Springfield Cardinals game or stay home and watch the debate.
I guess you know which side won that debate.

As for who won the televised debate ... well, I really don't care. It's far too early for me to get wrapped up in the antics of the wanna be candidates at this point. I heard very few positive comments about the candidates and even fewer about the debate itself. In a few months when the field has been narrowed, the more ridiculous statements made last night will be brought up as ammunition against the candidates and I can hear all about it then.

I'm pretty much avoiding Facebook today and scrolling through most of my Twitter feed.

The debate of which of these candidates will be the Republican presidential candidate doesn't interest me ... yet.

So what is the real debate of the day?

In the race for the nomination, each candidate is trying to convince the party (and the country) that they are the best person for the job of making the United States a better place. To date, most of them are telling about the mistakes that have been made in the past and are offering little in the way of meaningful conversation about what they will do differently.

On the other hand, we can do something to make our little corner of the world better -- today!

Each one of us can be a positive influence on someone or do something for someone. We can improve our health and we can help others to improve their health. We can reduce the garbage and waste that we contribute to our world. We can make our world better.

In truth, there is little that I can (or will) do today that will have an impact on our standing in the international theater. The same is probably true for you.
But each of us can make the people that we meet today feel good about themselves. We can give them value. We can encourage them and we can help people that need a little help. Sometimes, we can even be a blessing to others by allowing them to help us!

In the past, I have often told people that I have to work VERY hard to be a nice guy. Being nice and doing good things for people is not my nature. I have come to the stark realization that I am a natural born jerk (and that's putting it nicely). For me, being nice is a decision. It is also quite a challenge. But it is doable.

Maybe being nice is natural for you. Maybe you are one of those people that everybody likes and you are always taking care of the people around you. The rest of us are blessed to have people like you in our lives. All of us not-so-naturally-nice people are going to have to work being good to those around us. We can improve our world one relationship at a time.

The real debate is will you or won't you contribute to making the world a better place today?

Be kind.

John <><

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Mike said...

I didn't see the debate either since it wasn't on real TV or the internet. Not that I would have watched.