Thursday, February 19, 2015

Warning! Warning! Warning! --Three Warnings for today!

It is strange how we often view the warnings of impending danger.

Apparently, it is our tendency to give greater value to the nearness of the danger than it is to value the intensity of the danger.

For example:
Even though the weather forecasts are often wrong, people will make a mad rush on the stores for bread, milk, and other food items if a severe winter storm is forecast for the coming day. We will heed this warning to the point of major inconvenience now so that we can comfortably endure being trapped in our homes for a short period of time. The threat of being trapped at home with our current provisions is seldom life threatening, but we will still take great steps to avoid any discomfort.

With relative certainty, you can tell people that inactivity and obesity will cause many serious diseases and lead to premature death and they will pretty much choose to ignore that warning and continue on their lifestyle of poor health. (I know. I was that guy!) It will probably take a heart attack (presuming you survive it) or serious health diagnosis (cancer, diabetes, etc.) before we decide to change our ways and begin to live a more healthy lifestyle.
Even though the danger is real and relatively certain, we will often choose to ignore the warnings until the danger is imminent. We will continue to eat crap and sit on our ever widening butts until it is time to pay the price for our indulgences. Then we will wonder what happened and what magic pill can fix our sick selves.

Another case of ignored warning:
Jesus is coming!
His return will be the end of time and we will all face the final judgement.
And even if you believe that will not happen in your lifetime, at the end of your lifetime (which can be any moment) you will face Him and be judged for your life.
I am not a doomsday prophet. I hate it when I hear Christians say that we are living in the end times! The simple truth is that it doesn't matter if we are living in the end times or not. The end of time for any person can be any moment and the time to prepare for it is NOW!

You may get a last minute warning! You may have your brush with death and get the chance to make last minute preparations. You may have a long, drawn out terminal disease that allows you the time to reconcile with God and receive His grace through Jesus.
Then again, you might not!

So while you're picking up some rock salt for your driveway or food for the pantry; while you're jogging on the treadmill or recovering from your Insanity workout -- think about this: How are you preparing for eternity?

It might not be as far away as you think.

John <><

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