Monday, February 09, 2015

Fat, Dumb and Happy

Fat, dumb and happy -- a phrase generally used to describe someone that is oblivious to the situation around them and goes about their life as if there was nothing wrong.

It's unfortunate that I have harshly criticized others for their complacent ignorance in the past when I can say that find myself in that very place today. It has been a short while (six months or so) that I have really avoided most "news" channels on TV. I am careful about what I read as news on the internet (choosing not to get news sources from Facebook and Facebook friends). As a rule, I would say that I am uninformed, or at least under-informed, about most current events today. Another unfortunate reality is that I would still do better than most Americans that believe they are well informed but have believed the lies they've been told by today's media outlets. (Sigh)

I didn't watch the Grammy's last night and don't know, nor do I care who won. I have no idea about the latest news on Kim's big butt or if it is still in the news. I read the text of President Obama's address about the realities of religion in the past and don't get the big offense that conservatives are taking from it. I didn't watch yesterday's Blackhawks/Blues hockey game but know that the Blues lost. I know that next week pitchers and catchers report to MLB's Spring Training Camps, but have to keep in mind that nothing that happens on the diamond is of any real importance ... to anybody that doesn't have a financial interest in the game.

All of my ignorance makes writing a blog pretty difficult.

I doubt there are very many people that care to know all of the things that I don't care about. What is there to write about when you are uniformed or apathetic about the great stressors in most people's lives. (Did you know that gas prices are going up again?)

As much as I enjoy writing and would like to spend some time every day doing so, I just don't know if that's going to continue to be the case.

I guess I'll just write about the things that are important to me and not really worry if anybody else cares to read or not. There was a time when I wrote what ever popped into my pea-brained head and didn't care about who agreed or disagreed. I managed to alienate many readers and even some friends. At some point I sold out and began to write what I thought people would read and come back for more. Shame on me.

I don't know what is next for Out of My Hat. I think I'll go back to the archives and read some of the early posts, some of the popular posts and some of the not so popular posts. I think I'll need to decide if writing is for me to vent or if it matters that I share ideas and stimulate thought. It's pretty obvious that this post is just a rant to help me sort things out in my own head. If you've manged to stay with me this far, let me give you a little gem that you can take with you today.

It's the least I can do.

God loves you.
Jesus died for you.

John <><


Mike said...

The Grammy's were on last night?

eViL pOp TaRt said...

John, I enjoy your blog, and don't think of your thoughts as rants.

How about thinking of them as "Les Pensées de M. Hill sure religion et autres sujets" After all, if Blaise could write on religion and other subjects, why not you?