Thursday, February 05, 2015

Going with the Flow

It's another beautiful day in the Ozarks -- a sunny, but cool winter morning. There is a light dusting of snow and frost on the street in front of my house that will melt off pretty quickly today. It is not supposed to get too warm today, but the weekend is supposed to be very springlike in its temperatures.

In keeping with my introverted tendencies and my retirement isolation, yesterday's personal interactions total (other than Chris) was 1. That was the guy that came to do the appraisal for our re-fi.

Today will be different as the Missouri Baptist State Evangelism Conference begins in Springfield. This afternoon and tomorrow will find me greeting old friends and talking about evangelistic events and revivals that will be taking place throughout the state this year. It would be a tremendous blessing to book a couple of events.

One of the things that I've noticed in my mini-isolation period is that I don't keep up on the news very well. There is plenty of unreliable news available on Facebook and there are good news sources in my Twitter feed, but I tend to ignore most Facebook links and just haven't felt the need to follow up on many of those Twitter links. Right now, my little corner of the world is a peaceful place and I like it that way.

I managed to get somethings done yesterday without interacting with anyone else. I didn't have the radio on for news or music. The house was ... quiet. It was wonderful!

Today will be different, but that's okay. I'll stop for coffee on the way to the conference and I will enjoy my time talking with old friends. If I feel like I need to get away, I can. I'm sure that it will be a good day. There has been no real stress in my life this week and I don't expect any today. Plans have been pretty loose and I am just going with the flow.

So far, it's been a pretty smooth ride.

John <><


Mike said...

" introverted tendencies and my retirement isolation.."

When you find yourself running outside to holler "GET OFF MY LAWN" at kids you know you have fully arrived at retirement.

eViL pOp TaRt said...

I'm glad it's a smooth ride so far. Hope the conference is enjoyable!

John Hill said...

Do I have to actually run outside? I was just planning on yelling from the door!