Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Pulaski Association Evangelism Conference

This coming weekend is the beginning of the 2015 Pulaski Association Evangelism Conference.

I don't know how many years this makes for the conference, but I believe I've been able to attend all but one year of the ten or so they've had.
Saturday night is a dinner and then a night of musical worship led by all of our attending music evangelists. Somewhere around the middle of the program I'll have a few minutes to share a message using some kind of visual illustration. Although I hesitate to use an illustration that does not use an illusion of some sort, once again, this year's Saturday night message will not.

Sunday morning and Sunday evening will find all of the evangelists preaching and singing in different churches throughout the association. We will gather together again on Monday and Tuesday mornings and evenings to hear some pretty good messages and worship together with some good music.

I'll do a little magic on Monday and Tuesday evenings and I get an usual opportunity to preach in the Monday morning session. I am really looking forward to the conference this year. I already have several revivals and events scheduled for the coming year and hope to be able to work with churches from the Pulaski Association, too.

I would encourage other pastors and church staff to consider calling your evangelists for this year's events as soon as possible. Many churches are already booking fall events while others have not yet scheduled spring or summer events. If you have the events on your calendars, you should consider scheduling your speakers at the earliest opportunity.


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