Monday, November 18, 2013

More Weather-related Devastation

Late last week I received a message from one of my cousins (on my mom's side) about the frustration he feels in helping the people of the Philippines. There is so much damage from the super-cyclone and getting relief supplies to those that need them is difficult. People that have survived the storm are faced with dehydration and starvation.

I know that there are many organizations (including the Missouri Baptist Convention--MBC) that are sending people and aid to the island nation. As far as I know, all of my relatives are safe.

Yesterday, terrible tornadoes swept through the Midwest and did great damage in the small town of Washington IL. Washington is just a few miles from my parents. While the storms knocked out the power where my folks are, they did far greater damage just a short distance away. I did a google image search for washington il tornado and got this.

I imagine that we'll (MBC) also be sending teams to Central Illinois. I wish that my schedule was free enough to allow me to go serve on these teams. It feels pretty helpless to sit back in comfort while others are struggling to survive the day. Sending money seems like such a small thing. My prayers are for safety for the crews that are serving to meet the needs of the victims of these disasters; for great blessings to be returned to them for their sacrifices; and for comfort and peace to those that have been affected by the storms.

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Mike said...

We keep dodging bullets at our house. All I need is our luck to hold out for 30 or 40 more years.