Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Writing from the Bible

In response to my weekend post about unplugging from the virtual world, I received a note from my kid sister that maybe I'd spend some time to work on a commentary of a story or some verses from the Bible.
It's not a bad idea and there is certainly lots of material from which to choose!

To look at some of the Bible stories that I've already posted about, I did a quick search by checking the label "Favorite Bible Stories."

Wow! There is some good stuff in there!

I think li'l sis may be on to something. I do need to do some more of that kind of writing. If it weren't for the simple fact that I've never had any guest writers, I'm not sure that I would recognize all of that stuff as mine. It's amazing what one can do when we just get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit be our guide. It's too bad that John getting out of the way is a really big problem most of the time. It is a daily struggle to look beyond John's desires and see what I might do to bring glory to God and honor His will.

At the core, I'm just as narcissistic as the next guy. I rarely consider the "big picture" and tend to only focus on what is good for John. I recently shared a quote from one of the guys I follow on a couple of different social venues. It said, "Good leaders do the right thing even when it's the hard thing. That's what makes them good leaders." --Ed Stetzer

Here's to doing the right thing--even when it's the hard thing!

John <><

PS. Look for more "Favorite Bible Stories" in the near future

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