Friday, April 03, 2009

April Means Baseball

Well it has been weeks since I’ve written a real post. I’ve even been called out as a slacker blogger by a non-blogging friend!

And it’s not like there hasn’t been anything to blog about...the Obama budget, the GM firing of their CEO, the big international plan to save the worldwide economy. Face it—there is plenty to rant and rave about. I just haven’t really felt like it.

Oh, there were a few days when I was ready to blast all of those that were whining about the great debt that we would be in if the Obama budget passes—but I got over it. If their memories are so short that they have already forgotten how we arrived at this point of national bankruptcy, I doubt that I could say anything that would change their minds. Besides, I agree that we are handing a great debt to our kids and grandkids (and I hate it). It’s just that I didn’t hear them complaining about this great national debt during the previous eight years. All of a sudden it’s Obama’s fault.

At any rate, I’m glad that the faithful bloggers have kept everybody current on the great atrocities of life—not to mention the status of Idol, Dancing w/ Stars and other must watch TV.

To bring things back to the good life...Baseball season begins this weekend. If all of the plans hold up, I’ll be at two professional games before the month is over. Our church men’s night for April is a trip to the Springfield Cardinals (AA) game on the 23rd and I have to be in St. Louis on the 25th so I’ll do my best to catch the Cards/Cubs game while in town. I can already taste that Ballpark dog with the grilled onions, sauerkraut and mustard!

In order to keep this blog focused in the more important things of life, I’ll be posting my personal testimony in a few days. Some old friends have asked and I believe that it is important for us to remind ourselves of where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going. Our story is one that we should never tire of telling and one that continues to grow as we grow in our walk with God.

‘Til then...

John <><


Mike said...

My son, who is still looking for a real job, got his maintenance job back at the stadium this year. He'll ba at ALL the games.

Sicilian said...

I am so glad it is baseball season. I hope we can watch a few pro games this year.
I am a slacker blogger too. . . . I have had similar thoughts of the world issues. . . . have enjoyed listening to Michelle Obama as much as her husband in Europe.
Look forward to hearing your story.