Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Gift to You

I don't have much to post about tonight. It has been a violent night in the weather department with severe thunderstorms and some tornados making their way through the Ozarks.

We had a very nice Maundy Thursday service at church tonight and I don't a the mid-shift for a change on a Thursday night. It wil feel strange being at work on a day shift on Friday.

I wanted to share a couple of blogs with you (as if you don't have enough to read already). The first is one that I have been following for quite some time. The author is a free spirit living in South Africa. I can't really tell you why I like her blog, I'm just drawn to it. She has an easy way about her--a little sassy maybe, a little mischievious. She definitely has her opinions but isn't mean about posting them. I think that I would like her. The thought just occurred to me--I wonder if she would like me? No matter, we're half a world away. Check it out--I'm adding her to the Blogs I Frequent list under Inside Candy.

The second is a blog from a friend that has just started blogging. He's only made a few posts, but I have enjoyed reading them. I also like the title to his blog--Thoughts That Roll Around in My Head.

I hope that you enjoy them.

John <><


Mike said...

I can SEE why you like 'inside Candy'. And the 'thoughts' guy. Why is he using my name?

candy said...

Hi John: Thank you kindly for the mention and the nice words... and for reading my blog. I really enjoy our interaction. And... of course she would like you :)