Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago tomorrow, the 20th of April, I was in Denver Colorado for a NATCA facrep meeting.  
Because we were in meetings all afternoon, we were unaware of the tragic drama that was taking place at a local highschool.  When our meeting let out, we headed back to our rooms to change clothes and then boarded a bus to go to Coors Stadium to see a Colorado Rockies baseball game.  

During that day, two students went on a killing rampage at Columbine High School.  Twelve students and one teacher were killed by the teen aged gunmen.  Twenty-three others were injured.  The tragedy rocked the quiet suburb and all of the city.  It shocked the nation that such a thing could take place in one of our schools.  Needless to say, the Rockies cancelled the game.  Later they cancelled the rest of their homestand.  The city was in shock.

Several months later, Darrell Scott--the father of one of the killed students was at our church to talk to the youth of our community.  His talk was very moving.  They discovered that Rachel was prepared for this moment.  Her diary entries were a foreshadowing of the testimony that she would give in death.  It was as if she was created for that very moment.

His son was with him and told of his experience and escape from the school library.  He didn't know at the time that his sister was already dead in the school yard.  

There was also a younger brother that came with them.

On the first night that they were there (of two nights), a man asked me if I was on staff at the church.  I told him that I was a member and asked what I could do for him.  He said that there was a young boy that was downstairs in the kitchen.  It was the younger brother.  The man said that the boy always wanted to travel with his dad and brother but never wanted to listen to them tell the story of his sister's courageous life and courageous death.  He asked if I would stay with him and keep him company throughout the evening.

The work, the ministry of Rachel Scott continues today.  The loss of life that took place on that day a decade ago will be remembered and relived by many on this 10th anniversary.  The celebration of a young girl that has, in death, fulfilled her life's purpose is evidence of a great and mighty God at work in our fleeting human lives.

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fiona said...

Mysterious ways indeed. I no longer ever question "why". He always has a purpose.
Thank you for bringing my attention to todays anniversary. The families will be in my prayers tonight.

Mike said...

It doesn't seem like it's been 10 years already.

Sicilian said...

Was a sad day. 10 years later still hard to believe.

Claudia said...

What a blessing for the young brother to have gotten acquainted with you, and vice versa. It must have been a bit daunting at first to be asked to keep company with him. But my guess is you did well. Looking forward to hearing you preach soon!