Saturday, April 25, 2009

On the Road Again

In a few hours (after I manage a little sleep and a little packing), I'll be on the road to St. Louis for the weekend.  Sunday I'll be at Tower Grove Baptist Church.  I'm really looking forward to being there.  I'll be preaching the morning and evening services and performing at an afternoon lunch.

I figured that since I'd be arriving on Saturday evening, I may as well plan to arrive early enough to take in a Cardinal game--3:10 start.  I can already taste the ball park dog with the grilled onions and sauerkraut.  Mm, Mmmm.  And then a little Ted Drewe's frozen custard after the's the St. Louis thing to do!

Sorry about the lack of posts this week, busy you know...whatever.

John <><


Mike said...

We will try and meet up with you at both places.

fiona said...

Awww your making me want a hotdog at 9A.M. !
Have for me ;-)

Sicilian said...

Enjoy the game. . . . can't wait to get a game or two in this summer here in Tejas. . .
Safe travels.