Monday, March 30, 2009

I Once Was Lost, but Now I'm Found

Yes, and it was Mike that found Ted Drewe's, in St. Louis!

Apologies to all that look here to read the ramblings of a mad man. I have certainly been delinquent in my postings. I changed cell phone carriers a couple of weeks ago and currently do not have the ability to tether my new phone to my laptop for service. It has been a bit maddening for me to be unable to write, read blogs, or surf the 'net when away from home. This past weekend I was in Southwest Mo for a youth revival and was fortunate to have cell coverage! I'll try to get it all worked out so that, once again I can happily rant on any subject.

For now there is unpacking, laundry, getting ready for another work week, etc., etc.

John <><


Sicilian said...

Glad your posting again. . . looking forward to more good reads.

Mike said...

And still no picture of TD. I may have to actually cough up 10 cents and email it to myself. But there's principle involved here. Plus a challenge.