Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Conservative Viewpoint

Actually, we're looking at two conservative's viewpoints.

Check this out. A conservative slamming a conservative for his ridiculous comments concerning Sen. Obama. I'm glad that my brother sent me this link. After reading this and the previously mentioned blogalogue debate, I'm glad to note that there are still moral conservatives that understand their role in politics vs. thier role in day-to-day living.

Sen. Obama could have used the example: "...whose Christianity will we teach? Dr. James Dobson's spread gossip and talk bad about people you don't want in office..."

I am always ashamed of the gossip that is spread for the cause of righteousness. This occurs mostly in the political realm, but you find it in other social areas as well. I wonder when those that use the "Christian" label will wake up to the fact they are not following the teachings of Jesus. I don't think that Jesus had Dobson's kind of comments in mind when he was talking about loving your enemies or turning the other cheek. Gossip is certainly a no-no in Jesus' teachings.

Sen. Obama made some very good points. Christianity has been divided into so many denominations over differences in theology and practice that it would be impossible to even satisfy just the Christians with a candidate. In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul writes about the armor of the believer. Most Christians have left their armor to rust on the shelf; others spend their time polishing their armor so that they look great with it on; and still others use it to fight among themselves. Rarely is it used to fight the spiritual battles that Paul is talking about.

We (Christians) spend so much of our time trying to convince people of what we believe they should do as Christians when we are really pushing our own agendas and have forgotten the catch phrase of a few years ago...WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) I wonder if Dr. Dobson thinks that Jesus would have publicly called out Sen. Obama about his "confused theology" or "fruitcake interpretation of the Constitution." You would have thought that Dr. Dobson could have at least agreed with the Senator about his encouragement to read the Bible.

In any case, I think that Peter Wehner's comments are an appropriate response to Dr. Dobson's.

In all things, be kind. It's what Jesus would do.



Sicilian said...

20 years ago. . . . before his stardom. . . I listened daily to James Dobson. I received much wisdom about Christian living. I read every book he wrote. . . and then. . . . I got divorced. . . . somehow. . . his grace did not seem to extend my way. . . . or so I felt. . . . he got political. . . . I got turned off. . . . a very nice man. . . seems to now want to govern much like the Taliban. . . his way or the high way. . . it is sad!

John said...

It truly breaks my heart that the impression that many non-Christians or struggling Christians are left with is one of judgment rather than forgiveness.

It reminds me of the adulteress that was brought before Jesus so that He could give His approval before the mob stoned her. Oh how I wish that I was perfect enough to cast judgment on others. But because the Bible tells us that we will be judged by the standard that we judge others by, I tend to be more forgiving than I once was.

Sicilian said...

John. . . as do I also tend to be more forgiving . . . I once thought that all marriages could be saved if one tried hard enough. . . prayed hard enough . . . but they can't. . . . what a reality check for me.